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The FASTEST Way To Build Credibility & Goodwill With Potential Patients

You get paid in proportion to the amount of goodwill you create in the marketplace. Establishing trust and goodwill cannot be faked or bought, it can only be genuine. That doesn’t mean that you...

Are You Struggling To Grow Your Clinic? (FOCUS ON THESE 3 THINGS)

After starting multiple businesses and consulting on many more, I’ve discovered there are only 3 real ways to grow a business. In fact, one of the highest-paid marketing consultants on the planet confirmed this for me Jay Abraham, also know as the $21.7 billion dollar man. Jay says these are the only 3 business activities you must focus on to truly create the income you want for yourself.

How 7-Figure Entrepreneurs Manage Their Energy & How It Can Impact Your Practice​

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to neglect our health and wellness because we get tunnel-visioned on building our business. But not paying attention to your health can cause you to burn out...

How to Success Market Segmentation

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