Callum Roche

The FASTEST Way To Build Credibility & Goodwill With Potential Patients

You get paid in proportion to the amount of goodwill you create in the marketplace. Establishing trust and goodwill cannot be faked or bought, it can only be genuine.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t manufacture it, once you’re amazing at your core deliverable i.e changing peoples lives, that is.

Leveraging your results through patient testimonials is by far, the most powerful and fastest way to build credibility and strengthen the bond with your prospects and patients.

Deliver a service so good that your patients can vouch for you, let them be your advocates. Show your prospects what you can do, don’t just tell them.

Patient testimonials are an example of results in advance, letting your skill speak for itself. They work so well because the prospect is looking for validation & certainty that you can solve their problem.

If the prospect can relate to the patient and the procedure was a success, then they’ll form the opinion that it will inevitably be successful for them too.

Testimonials are quite easy to get…

If a patient enjoys their experience, simply ask them would they mind giving you a testimonial but don’t leave out the important part.

You must emphasise to the benefits of them doing so, that by helping you out they could be potentially be impacting dozens of other people who were in similar situations.

Avoid overcomplicating them, don’t make them seem forceful or un-natural. Let the patient give their honest feedback because if you deliver a great service, it will speak for itself.

Patient testimonials and stories are a sure-fire way to validate your expert authority.

Want to see the perfect testimonial framework that my clients use that actually gets appointments?

Grab my my best selling book 5 Figure Patients on Amazon and go to Chapter 15 to learn how to structure testimonials so that your message resonates creating an emotional response from your prospect which drives them to book.

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